Maternity Wear Prepares to Reclaim Its Turf

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For four long seasons, the maternity wear category has watched as ready-to-wear has glorified the empire waist, the baby-doll dress and the tunic. The popularity of such styles has not been good news for maternity wear manufacturers and retailers. ’What it's meant, “ said Kim Preis, founder and president of Samson Martin, ’is that customers come into the stores a lot later in their pregnancy because they can stretch their own wardrobe for a lot longer with these styles. “ ... Select Excerpts:

"Keeping their pre-pregnancy personal style has never been easier for expectant moms ? and not just because baby-doll styles can hide growing bellies. Until recently, maternity styles tended to lag behind ready-to-wear by six months to a year, but that gap is shrinking according to Song Pardue, founder of the Pickles & Ice Cream chain of maternity stores throughout the southeast. That could be, in part, because more ready-to-wear companies are launching their own maternity lines. This has been especially true in the premium denim category where Citizens of Humanity has their own maternity line as does Paige Jeans, Chip & Pepper and, beginning in March, James Jeans."

Pardue of Pickles & Cream confirms this: ’Designer jeans continue to sell like crazy. They're more than a basic; they're a staple. It's not even a splurge anymore. People are just buying them. “

Successful maternity retailers understand how their customer is different from the non-pregnant shopper and how she's just the same
Store: Pickles & Ice Cream
Where: Dallas & Plano, TX and seven other Locations
Who: Song Pardue, founder & CEO
The philosophy: I think what makes our stores so special and different from others is our approach to customer service. We never push items that don't flatter and we wardrobe our mommies according to both their personal style and their lifestyle needs. I think women appreciate our laidback ”girlfriend-to-girlfriend' approach. Our goal is to gain customers rather than to make sales. We believe that sales naturally follow excellent service.

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