Cinch Tummy Wrap - Pouchless Couture

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The Cinch Wrap - Loved by celebs including Angelina Jolie, Amy Poehler, Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Garner and more! Cinch is the winner of multiple awards for best product: Mom's Choice Award, Family Review Center, Mom's Best and So Swanky. Better TV named The Cinch as ’Baby Boomers Must Haves. “

Cinch is Ideal for...

  • All Moms (not just for new moms). It can be worn after many years after delivery to help tighten and firm their tummies.
  • Baby Showers: Gift it! She'll really Love it!
  • New Moms right after giving birth.

A unique patent-pending abdominal wrap design that allows you to regain your healthy waistline naturally and comfortably with a single wrap. The Cinch comes in a nude color and in 2 Sizes: XS-M (26 “- 34 “) & L-XL (33 “- 42 “). The Cinch is especially crafted to motivate new moms to get back to their healthy shapes with a single wrap. The Cinch Tummy Wrap focuses on the stomach with its function and added support of the double wings. With the inner measuring feature, new moms are uplifted by seeing their progress and results. The sophisticated design offers new moms a luxurious feel and new confidence. This concept of blending beauty of the arts with scientific functions heighten Cinch's originality.

  • Additional Features:360 Degree Support  The only adjustable tummy wrap that truly focuses on the tummy by tightening all the abdominal muscles with the dual front panels and further cinching with double side wings. 
  • Luxurious Feel  Light Weight and Comfortable. It can be worn day or night (work, play, relax & exercise). With state-of-the-art maternial, the elastic wings do not lose their stretch over time or through multiple uses. The high performance Velcro will not stick or cause damage to your clothes. 
  • Adjustable Panels that Shrink with You  Cinch slims with your waist line with just one wrap! Its unique patent pending dual front panels are adjustable to your slimming waistline. You don't need to get another wrap when you shed the inches. Comes in 2 Sizes: XS-M (26 “- 34 “) & L-XL (33 “- 42 “). 
  • Built-In Measurement Guide  Has motivational inner measurement reference so you can see your results. This motivates and boosts self confidence. "Happy Healthy Moms foster Happy Babies."
  • Anion Technology For Circulation  Moisture absorbent and breathable inner lining with Anion to promote better circulation. 
  • Eco-friendly Package, Reusable Product  By Anew is an environmentally conscious brand that cares about using recycled and biodegradable materials in it's packaging. Along with that philosophy, the Cinch Tummy Wrap can be used over and over many times. 
  • 4 Easy Steps to Use
    1. Size your present waistline with the front Velcro straps. Top edge of straps need to be placed right below the seem for smooth look under your clothing. 
    2. Smooth down the front panel and Velcro it down. 
    3. Connect the zipper on the right hand side and zip up. 
    4. Center the "Cinch." Use both hands to hold and stretch the side straps and fasten the Velcro in the back.

Note: Re-adjust front panel as your waistline shrinks. Fabric: Moisture control with anion fabric. Outer fabric: 60% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 8% Spandex.

Questions Most Moms Frequently Ask the Cinch Lady

  1. I am still pregnant and I want the ’Cinch “ now. Which size of Cinch should I buy now?  If your pre-pregnancy waist is 32 “ or if you wear a size 10 pants or smaller, get the S-M Cinch. Waists 33 “ or more, get the L-XL.
  2. I just delivered my baby and I want the Cinch. What is the best way to measure my waist?  Measure at your belly button. If you are 34" or under, S-M Cinch is perfect for you. If you are 35" or above, get the L-XL. Key Tip #1: Make sure you are not wearing the Cinch while you are adjusting the front sizing panel. Lay it on a flat surface. Place the two Velcro Straps at your estimated current waist size on both ends and Velcro it all the way up right below the seam of the cover. Key Tip #2: Before you zip up, breath in a little bit then zip up on the right. This will give a snug fit. Key Tip #3: Adjust the front panel once a week for a snug fit. See your progress. 
  3. How do I care for my Cinch?  Easy. Hand wash with mild soap and hang dry.
  4. Can I use my Cinch if I was never pregnant and just want to tone up my tummy?  Yes, some women use the Cinch for an ’hour glass “ look. Cinch can also be a benefit to help tone your muscles with exercise and a healthy diet. 
  5. What is a difference between a Cinch and Body Shaper?  Cinch is an pro-active adjustable wrap. It is designed to help you get your waist back after your baby. This is the only wrap that can adjust from size 34" down to 26" in our the small size or 42" down to 33" in our large size Cinch. A body shaper is a passive binder which gives you a slimmer look when you wear it. It does not help compress and shrink with you. 
  6. I am a multi-task mom and I need to move around a lot. Can I still function wearing my Cinch all day?  Of course, Cinch is made with high-end materials and strategically designed so you can bend, flex and maneuver easily with your baby or toddler. The most important part is you can breath in it. 
  7. Will all my rolls disappear when I wear the Cinch?  Your muffin tops will slowly go away after using the Cinch. In the beginning you will see some rolls. That is why you need to wear the Cinch over a period of time. Your measuring guide will help you see your progress.

Helpful Hint: Don't wear tight clothes in the beginning.