Basq Ultra Nourishing MEGA MOISTURE CREAM

$ 30.00

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For those who want to INDULGE!!! This is the richest body butter that will take care of even the most parched skin! Packed with Essential Fatty Acids, this richly hydrating body butter nourishes and replenishes the skin. A mega rich complex of Illipe, Jojoba and Shea butters provides deep nourishment for stressed, taut skin. Borage and Grapeseed oils improve elasticity and tone. There's no such thing as ’too rich “ when it comes to gorgeous, glowing skin. Use as needed on areas most in need of hydration and all over body for deep nourishment and protection. Also great for bust/nipple soreness! Blends beautifully with basq Resilient Body Oil and basq Advanved Stretch Mark Butter. Layer products with oil first and butter on top or alternate day and night. (5.5 oz)