The Scoop About Pickles

Savor the Service, Crave the Clothes... Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life. Her body is growing, changing and glowing as she carries another life inside of her. An expecting woman is radiant, beautiful and sexy. She deserves maternity clothing that makes the same statement. And she deserves a place to get clothing that makes her feel like the amazingly gorgeous mother-to-be that she is.

That’s why Pickles & Ice Cream was created: to provide expecting women everywhere a place to get exceptional customer service and high quality, fashionable maternity clothes at reasonable prices. Since 1997, Pickles & Ice Cream has been giving expectant mothers the best of both worlds, New York style with Southern hospitality.

The oldest and largest maternity clothing franchise in the US, Pickles & Ice Cream knows what pregnant women need and also what they want. Our stores feature all the casual and comfortable clothing that moms-to-be need and the latest fashions and trends they crave. Tailored to the markets they serve, every Pickles location has its own personality. Each boutique features high quality maternity clothing, fashionable accessories, nursing necessities, and so much more. Some of that more includes personalized customer service and a play area for kids shopping with their moms.

At Pickles & Ice Cream, we understand pregnancy. We are women like you who have been pregnant, given birth and are now helping the next group of expectant mothers. We know what you’re going through and we’re here to help. We realize that we can’t keep your back from hurting or your feet from swelling. But, we can listen to your needs and offer our advice. We can share a snack with you and talk about how excited you are; and most importantly, we can help you find an outfit that looks so great and feels so good that you forget all about your back or feet or whatever hurts this morning! Find a Maternity Store near you...