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Sono Vaso Maternity

Sono Vaso was founded in 2007 by long-time Hong Kong residents Melanie McInally (from Australia) and Rita Yaworsky (from Sweden), who brought with them a wealth of experience from working at some of the world’s leading fashion brands.

Sono Vaso is Italian for "I am a vessel." This is a tribute to every pregnant woman who is indeed a vessel bearing new life, in body and in spirit. Sono Vaso was created with the belief that every woman should look and feel her best during pregnancy and early motherhood, in cool, soft, effortless fashion.

At Sono Vaso they select mainly natural fibers for their fabrics. During pregnancy, a woman’s core body temperature rises leaving her prone to becoming hot and uncomfortable. Wearing lighter, natural-fiber clothing allows the skin to breathe, creating the conditions for coolness and comfort, both day and night. Fabrics from natural fibres tend to be longer lasting, too, and more comfortable on the skin.