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Maternity Tops

Maternity Tops are essential to any maternity wardrobe. Driven by your lifestyle needs, maternity tops come in all shapes, colors and forms. Classic, office, solid, print, knit, woven, sassy, plain, dressy and casual, Pickles & Ice Cream has a great variety and a selection we hope you love. We look for comfortable fabric, variety of styles to fit different fashion senses, and we also look for great nursing tops. Click on each category to browse selection.

For a greater selection of Maternity Clothing and Accessories from this designer, we encourage you to visit one of our Maternity Store Locations. If you ever happen to be near an actual Pickles & Ice Cream boutique, we highly encourage you to visit and experience first hand the delightful service and vast selection of maternity clothing that isn't represented on With so many changes occurring with our bodies during pregnancy, there is no substitute for actually trying on the clothes and getting honest opinions and feedback on wear-ability and fit.