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Skincare when expecting deserves special attention. Hormones and your changing body definitely affects your skin in a variety of ways. Good and proactive skincare while pregnant can impact the size and number of stretch marks you can get. We are huge advocates of belly skincare because once you get them, they are yours forever so prevention is so key. So moisturize and slather on your growing (and stretching) body to minimize your proneness to getting stretch marks. Your face can also go through a lot changes when pregnant. It is key to use a gentle, yet safe, cleanser like Belli's Acne Cleansing Face Wash. It's gentle, safe and gets your face squeaky-clean. Another element of face skincare when pregnant is sun protection. Pregnancy mask, or Chloasma, is completely preventable but permanent if you acquire them. So how do you prevent them? Avoid the sun unless you have good, safe sunscreen on your face and body. Postpartum skincare is also essential to accelerating your skin's recovery from all that stretch and minimizing any stretch marks you might have gotten. You will not regret using quality products on your skin when pregnant and newly postpartum. All skincare is final sale.