The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy August 14 2015, 0 Comments

There are plenty of myths surrounding pregnancy, including the myth that you should avoid exercise while you are expecting. Although you should double-check with your doctor, exercise during pregnancy is both safe and recommended – especially if you exercised frequently before becoming pregnant. With an array of benefits related to continued exercise, it is a great way to reduce your risk for gestational diabetes and to keep your back and body feeling good as your belly grows.

Improve your Self-Image

Some women worry about the weight they gain throughout pregnancy, but staying active is a great way to combat this feeling. Regular exercise will keep you healthy and help you to feel good - both mentally and physically - throughout your pregnancy. 

Provide an Energy Boost

Especially for women who always feel tired during pregnancy, exercise can help to keep your energy level up by strengthening your cardiovascular system. The stretching and strengthening of your muscles will also help reduce the aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. Spend thirty minutes a day on the treadmill or in the pool to help get yourself through a busy workday or afternoon of play with your kids. 

Get your Pre-Baby Body Back

 Exercising throughout pregnancy is the easiest way to help to get your body back to your pre-baby weight and shape. Staying active and toned will make the change easier on your body and will make exercising just another part of your routine once the baby is born. Studies have shown that women who exercise during pregnancy gain less excess weight than those who do not, making it a great way to stay within the healthy weight-gain range. 

From water aerobics to yoga, there are plenty of fitness options for expecting moms. To learn more about exercising during pregnancy, visit fitpregnancy and babycenter. Talk to your doctor before beginning your workout routine and remember not to push your changing body too hard!

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