Delight your Family with a Gender Reveal August 06 2015, 0 Comments

Finding out the sex of your baby is an unforgettable and exciting moment in your pregnancy. Once you and your partner know if you have having a boy or a girl, the next step is sharing the news with family and friends. One recent trend is to throw a gender reveal party! Whether you decide to go this route or are just looking for a cute way to share the news with your parents and closest friends, here are some of our favorite gender reveal ideas!

Mystery Cake

A delicious way to share the news with your family and friends, make or purchase a baby-themed cake for the celebration. Decorate in neutral colors or both pink and blue. When it’s time to eat, cut the first slice to reveal the big news! The color inside will coincide with the baby’s gender. Visit Pinterest for some yummy inspiration.  Candy filled cupcakes are another fun option for smaller get-togethers.


Blow everyone away with a balloon launch to share the news! Decorate a large cardboard box and fill it with blue or pink balloons. Bring your guests outside and open the box, or better yet let your older children or the grandparents open it! The joyful looks on their faces will be priceless.

To get everyone involved in the festivities, fill dark colored balloons with pink or blue confetti. Count down from ten to one and have everyone pop their balloons, revealing a flurry of confetti and excitement around the room!


This idea is perfect if you have older children who can’t wait to hear the news. Purchase a piñata and fill it with pink or blue candy and confetti. Your kids will be more than excited to crack open this surprise – and it will be great entertainment for the rest of your party to watch!

Give a Gift

Looking to do something special for your parents to let them know the sex of their grandbaby? Purchase a pink or blue onesie and wrap it up with neutral wrapping paper. Don’t tell them what the gift is for, and watch the surprise and happiness fill their faces as they open this sweet gift!

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