Prepping for Maternity Photos July 13 2015, 0 Comments

Pregnant photo shoots have become one of the most popular maternity trends! These shoots are a great way to document your journey into motherhood or capture this memorable moment in time with your partner and older children. Many women are worried about having a photo shoot centered around their growing belly, but we have some great tips for embracing your beautiful new body and getting your best picture!


The key to creating a look you feel good about is choosing the right time to have your photos taken. You want to wait until you are big – but not too big. Water retention begins around the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, so Parents recommends having your photos taken when you are about seven months along to create a beautiful, comfortable look!


Choose simple pieces that are tight and stretchy when prepping for your shoot. You want to show off your bump, not cover it up! Simple looks like a tank top and jeans or a form-fitting dress are perfect for this occasion. Try to stay away from patterns and prints as well. These photos will be up in your home for years to come, so you want to create a classic look you will love.

The Right Pose

Trust your photographer and let them try a variety of angles and poses! While close ups on your belly might feel uncomfortable, you will love this reminder of your pregnancy down the road. Make your shoot a family experience and include your spouse and older children in the shoot. Check out some expert posing ideas here.

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