Get Ready for Baby: Tips for the Ninth Month of Pregnancy July 03 2015, 0 Comments

Here you are, the ninth and final month of pregnancy. As excited as you are for your little one’s impending arrival, it’s probably just hit you – you still have a lot of preparing to do! Here are some great tips, inspired by Pregnant Chicken, to help you get organized and get some rest before your bundle of joy arrives:

Date Night

Spend some time with your significant other before the baby comes. Whether it’s a dinner date, movie night, or just a lazy Saturday afternoon together, take full advantage of the time you have together before you are officially a family of three!

Start Building

Remember that stroller still boxed up in the closet? And that pile of gifts from the baby shower? They’re not going to put themselves together, and you will be way too tired to once the baby comes! Get everything unboxed and organized over the course of the next month, and practice using it all. Whether it’s folding and unfolding the stroller in your driveway or practicing strapping in the car seat, this is a fun way to prep for the baby during some downtime.

Stock the Pantry

Take a trip to the grocery store and stock up on all your staple foods. Think cereal for breakfast, granola bars and crackers for snacks and pasta for lunch! If you have the freezer space, stock up on meat for dinner as well and separate into single portion bags. This will save you the stress of having to trek to the grocery store during your first few weeks with the little one.  


Put together a hospital bag and keep it ready to go in your hall closet or the trunk of the car. Pack all the essentials: Toiletries, maternity bras, socks and underwear, a comfy robe, hair ties, cell phone charger and comfy shoes and clothes for going home in! For the new baby, pack a cute outfit and a blanket for the trip home! Check out this list from The Bump for more packing advice.


When your baby arrives, you will be taking lots and lots and lots of photos! Whether you plan to use a camera or your phone to capture all these memories, make some extra storage space. Purchase a new memory card (or two) for the camera and transfer photos currently on your phone to your computer. Depending on how much space is available, look into a back-up photo app like Shoe-Box or Carousel.


Give yourself lots of down time in the month before your child makes his or her grand entrance into the world. Sleep will be in short supply for the first few months, so enjoy naps and an early bedtime while you can!

Enjoy this period of anticipation to the fullest and don’t stress! Looking for a comfy and cute “going home” outfit or the right maternity bra? Visit Pickles & Ice Cream for all your maternity apparel needs.