Beat the Heat: Summer Pregnancy Tips June 19 2015, 0 Comments

During pregnancy your body temperature increases a bit, making summer weather feel even hotter and more humid. Pregnant women also burn more easily in the sun, so stick to the shade and remember to stay cool and hydrated! Follow these tips from The Stir to beat the heat and enjoy the beauty of pregnancy throughout these sweltering summer months.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

During the hot summer months it is easy to get dehydrated, especially while pregnant. Sweating leads to a loss of electrolyte, so be sure to drink lots of water, as well as beverages like orange juice and sports drinks to replenish electrolytes in your body. Feeling thirsty is your body’s way of letting you know that you’re dehydrated, so drink a consistent amount of fluids throughout the day to avoid this!

Go for a Swim

Feeling warm and uncomfortable? Take a dip in the pool, or even a cool shower to help you relax and cool off. Spending some time in the water is a great way to reduce swelling, and lounging in the pool will reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve.  

Take a Break

Spend those hot midday hours inside relaxing. Take a nap in a dark, cool room or put your feet up to reduce the swelling in your legs and feet. Have young kids running around? Time your rest time with their nap time, giving everyone a chance to escape the heat for a while! Wear comfortable shoes and have a pair handy that is a half size larger than you normally wear, in case of swelling.

Stick to Cotton

Wear clothing that lets your skin breathe. Tight clothes, especially pieces made with polyester, will stick to your skin, making those hot summer days even more uncomfortable. Put on some loose, cotton clothing to keep cool.

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