Wear Orchid! September 03 2015, 0 Comments


One of this season's hottest colors is Orchid. This rich, vibrant shade of purple is perfect for a dinner out with your love, a daytime or nighttime wedding and your Enchanted Garden-themed baby shower. Olian's maxi dress fits like a dream and the lycra jersey fabric feels amazing against your skin. We paired this gorgeous dress with Stecey sandals from Steve Madden and whimsical tassel earrings in yellow from the Bauble Bar. The fun baby shower cake ties is ALL together! Did you have a theme for your baby shower? We'd love to see your pictures!

Get the Look, Focus on Versatility August 20 2015, 0 Comments


Today's expecting mommy wants versatility in their maternity wardrobe! This week's GET THE LOOK show two different stylings for the the same top. The vibrant colors of this top from Olian makes it fun and festive, while the cut and length of the top offers modesty and coverage perfect for the office. The black accents and tie makes it perfect for black bottoms (skinny or traditional slacks) and accessories for a polished look. It can also be styled more casually and chic by pairing the top with skinny denim and rich camel accessories. Throw on some pumps or wedges and this ensemble is not only ready for a night out with your love, but you will be so comfortable! The Olian top is silky soft and stretchy, the Paige Mona's are in their amazing Transcend fabric and the Olian Skinny Pants are stretch ponte knit!


The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy August 14 2015, 0 Comments

There are plenty of myths surrounding pregnancy, including the myth that you should avoid exercise while you are expecting. Although you should double-check with your doctor, exercise during pregnancy is both safe and recommended – especially if you exercised frequently before becoming pregnant. With an array of benefits related to continued exercise, it is a great way to reduce your risk for gestational diabetes and to keep your back and body feeling good as your belly grows.

Improve your Self-Image

Some women worry about the weight they gain throughout pregnancy, but staying active is a great way to combat this feeling. Regular exercise will keep you healthy and help you to feel good - both mentally and physically - throughout your pregnancy. 

Provide an Energy Boost

Especially for women who always feel tired during pregnancy, exercise can help to keep your energy level up by strengthening your cardiovascular system. The stretching and strengthening of your muscles will also help reduce the aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. Spend thirty minutes a day on the treadmill or in the pool to help get yourself through a busy workday or afternoon of play with your kids. 

Get your Pre-Baby Body Back

 Exercising throughout pregnancy is the easiest way to help to get your body back to your pre-baby weight and shape. Staying active and toned will make the change easier on your body and will make exercising just another part of your routine once the baby is born. Studies have shown that women who exercise during pregnancy gain less excess weight than those who do not, making it a great way to stay within the healthy weight-gain range. 

From water aerobics to yoga, there are plenty of fitness options for expecting moms. To learn more about exercising during pregnancy, visit fitpregnancy and babycenter. Talk to your doctor before beginning your workout routine and remember not to push your changing body too hard!

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Delight your Family with a Gender Reveal August 06 2015, 0 Comments

Finding out the sex of your baby is an unforgettable and exciting moment in your pregnancy. Once you and your partner know if you have having a boy or a girl, the next step is sharing the news with family and friends. One recent trend is to throw a gender reveal party! Whether you decide to go this route or are just looking for a cute way to share the news with your parents and closest friends, here are some of our favorite gender reveal ideas!

Mystery Cake

A delicious way to share the news with your family and friends, make or purchase a baby-themed cake for the celebration. Decorate in neutral colors or both pink and blue. When it’s time to eat, cut the first slice to reveal the big news! The color inside will coincide with the baby’s gender. Visit Pinterest for some yummy inspiration.  Candy filled cupcakes are another fun option for smaller get-togethers.


Blow everyone away with a balloon launch to share the news! Decorate a large cardboard box and fill it with blue or pink balloons. Bring your guests outside and open the box, or better yet let your older children or the grandparents open it! The joyful looks on their faces will be priceless.

To get everyone involved in the festivities, fill dark colored balloons with pink or blue confetti. Count down from ten to one and have everyone pop their balloons, revealing a flurry of confetti and excitement around the room!


This idea is perfect if you have older children who can’t wait to hear the news. Purchase a piñata and fill it with pink or blue candy and confetti. Your kids will be more than excited to crack open this surprise – and it will be great entertainment for the rest of your party to watch!

Give a Gift

Looking to do something special for your parents to let them know the sex of their grandbaby? Purchase a pink or blue onesie and wrap it up with neutral wrapping paper. Don’t tell them what the gift is for, and watch the surprise and happiness fill their faces as they open this sweet gift!

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Prepping for Maternity Photos July 13 2015, 0 Comments

Pregnant photo shoots have become one of the most popular maternity trends! These shoots are a great way to document your journey into motherhood or capture this memorable moment in time with your partner and older children. Many women are worried about having a photo shoot centered around their growing belly, but we have some great tips for embracing your beautiful new body and getting your best picture!


The key to creating a look you feel good about is choosing the right time to have your photos taken. You want to wait until you are big – but not too big. Water retention begins around the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, so Parents recommends having your photos taken when you are about seven months along to create a beautiful, comfortable look!


Choose simple pieces that are tight and stretchy when prepping for your shoot. You want to show off your bump, not cover it up! Simple looks like a tank top and jeans or a form-fitting dress are perfect for this occasion. Try to stay away from patterns and prints as well. These photos will be up in your home for years to come, so you want to create a classic look you will love.

The Right Pose

Trust your photographer and let them try a variety of angles and poses! While close ups on your belly might feel uncomfortable, you will love this reminder of your pregnancy down the road. Make your shoot a family experience and include your spouse and older children in the shoot. Check out some expert posing ideas here.

Have fun with your maternity shoot and spoil yourself with a new outfit that you feel great in! Visit Pickles & Ice Cream online or in-store to check out our large selection of tops, bottoms, dresses and more.

Get Ready for Baby: Tips for the Ninth Month of Pregnancy July 03 2015, 0 Comments

Here you are, the ninth and final month of pregnancy. As excited as you are for your little one’s impending arrival, it’s probably just hit you – you still have a lot of preparing to do! Here are some great tips, inspired by Pregnant Chicken, to help you get organized and get some rest before your bundle of joy arrives:

Date Night

Spend some time with your significant other before the baby comes. Whether it’s a dinner date, movie night, or just a lazy Saturday afternoon together, take full advantage of the time you have together before you are officially a family of three!

Start Building

Remember that stroller still boxed up in the closet? And that pile of gifts from the baby shower? They’re not going to put themselves together, and you will be way too tired to once the baby comes! Get everything unboxed and organized over the course of the next month, and practice using it all. Whether it’s folding and unfolding the stroller in your driveway or practicing strapping in the car seat, this is a fun way to prep for the baby during some downtime.

Stock the Pantry

Take a trip to the grocery store and stock up on all your staple foods. Think cereal for breakfast, granola bars and crackers for snacks and pasta for lunch! If you have the freezer space, stock up on meat for dinner as well and separate into single portion bags. This will save you the stress of having to trek to the grocery store during your first few weeks with the little one.  


Put together a hospital bag and keep it ready to go in your hall closet or the trunk of the car. Pack all the essentials: Toiletries, maternity bras, socks and underwear, a comfy robe, hair ties, cell phone charger and comfy shoes and clothes for going home in! For the new baby, pack a cute outfit and a blanket for the trip home! Check out this list from The Bump for more packing advice.


When your baby arrives, you will be taking lots and lots and lots of photos! Whether you plan to use a camera or your phone to capture all these memories, make some extra storage space. Purchase a new memory card (or two) for the camera and transfer photos currently on your phone to your computer. Depending on how much space is available, look into a back-up photo app like Shoe-Box or Carousel.


Give yourself lots of down time in the month before your child makes his or her grand entrance into the world. Sleep will be in short supply for the first few months, so enjoy naps and an early bedtime while you can!

Enjoy this period of anticipation to the fullest and don’t stress! Looking for a comfy and cute “going home” outfit or the right maternity bra? Visit Pickles & Ice Cream for all your maternity apparel needs.

Beat the Heat: Summer Pregnancy Tips June 19 2015, 0 Comments

During pregnancy your body temperature increases a bit, making summer weather feel even hotter and more humid. Pregnant women also burn more easily in the sun, so stick to the shade and remember to stay cool and hydrated! Follow these tips from The Stir to beat the heat and enjoy the beauty of pregnancy throughout these sweltering summer months.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

During the hot summer months it is easy to get dehydrated, especially while pregnant. Sweating leads to a loss of electrolyte, so be sure to drink lots of water, as well as beverages like orange juice and sports drinks to replenish electrolytes in your body. Feeling thirsty is your body’s way of letting you know that you’re dehydrated, so drink a consistent amount of fluids throughout the day to avoid this!

Go for a Swim

Feeling warm and uncomfortable? Take a dip in the pool, or even a cool shower to help you relax and cool off. Spending some time in the water is a great way to reduce swelling, and lounging in the pool will reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve.  

Take a Break

Spend those hot midday hours inside relaxing. Take a nap in a dark, cool room or put your feet up to reduce the swelling in your legs and feet. Have young kids running around? Time your rest time with their nap time, giving everyone a chance to escape the heat for a while! Wear comfortable shoes and have a pair handy that is a half size larger than you normally wear, in case of swelling.

Stick to Cotton

Wear clothing that lets your skin breathe. Tight clothes, especially pieces made with polyester, will stick to your skin, making those hot summer days even more uncomfortable. Put on some loose, cotton clothing to keep cool.

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Must-Have Summer Maternity Styles June 04 2015, 0 Comments

Looking for comfortable and cute maternity styles to beat the heat in? Check out some of our favorite summer styles, then stop in to Pickles & Ice Cream to pick out the perfect pieces for your growing wardrobe!

Flip flops

Some women’s feet will gain an entire size during pregnancy! Instead of trying to cram them into shoes or other sandals, grab a comfy, cushioned pair of flip flops to spend the summer months in. Your feet will thank you!


The classic, open front cardigan is perfect for throwing on over any outfit on a cool summer night. Cardigans can be dressed up or down, so stock up on a few basic colors to match and accent the rest of your maternity wardrobe! 

Summer Dresses

Searching for an easy summer outfit? Nothing is faster than putting on a great dress! There are many styles to choose from, but a maxi dress is one of the easiest, most flattering options. Great for dressing up or down, maxi dresses are extraordinarily comfortable and fashionable no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in.


Love belting your summer dresses? Don’t let pregnancy stop you! Use a skinny belt with a pop of color to accentuate your closet staples. Wear the belt just above your growing bump to accentuate your pregnancy and give you some shape. 

Asymmetrical Tops

Look for tops with asymmetrical hemlines. Choosing a shirt with a higher hemline in the front will give your baby bump some extra room, while keeping your outfit stylish and fun!

Horizontal Stripes

Show off your bump with this classic look! Thin, horizontal stripes accentuate your growing bump perfectly. Stick with simple black and white, or try out a more daring color combination. Whether you’re looking for a top, dress or maxi skirt, this bold, stylish option will look great.

Interested in finding some great summer maternity styles? Visit Pickles & Ice Cream for some fun, fashionable options, as well as all your pregnancy staples!